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Fragile X New Zealand is open to anyone but, in particular, to any individual, family or organisation who has an interest in supporting/caring for people with fragile X syndrome. Our mailing list consists mainly of families of people with fragile X, but also includes doctors, therapists, educators, other professionals and schools. If you would like to join the mailing list of Fragile X New Zealand please complete our application form below.

Benefits of a Subscription


Receive newsletters which include:

  • News on developments in the understanding and treatment of fragile X
  • Families comments/experience
  • Details of upcoming events.

Also receive monthly E-newsletters with up-to-the-minute details on the latest happenings in the fragile X community in NZ.


  • Be connected to other families to learn about their experiences with fragile X and gain knowledge in how to deal with issues on a day to day basis
  • We have a national coordinator who is happy to support families and provide information and advocacy
  • We have five regional area contacts


  • Specialised fragile X clinics for children with fragile X are arranged by Fragile X New Zealand and are available to those on our mailing list at no cost.


Fragile X New Zealand organises:

  • Conferences where local and overseas experts share their knowledge and insights
  • Workshops on topics and issues relevant to family affected by fragile X
  • Family gatherings to provide members with an opportunity to meet and share their experiences with other fragile X families

To apply online for our mailing list please fill out the form below:

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