No Longer Fragile, our new education programme is summarised below. The presentations that accompany the programme can be downloaded as pdf files. Click here for more details on how fragile X syndrome affects learning. Click here for more details on education strategies

No Longer Fragile: Education strategies for parents and teachers of fragile X children

Fragile X New Zealand, with the support of the Todd Foundation, has developed an education programme that introduces fragile X-specific teaching and behavioural strategies into New Zealand homes, preschools and schools. The programme provides teaching strategies and resource ideas to the team supporting an individual fragile x child (parents, caregivers and educators). Presenters tailor course content to meet the specific needs of each team. The facilitators are Anita Nicholls and Jodi Heenan. Anita is an early childhood teacher with two children with fragile X and a facilitator for the “tips for autism” programme. Jodi Heenan is a specialist teacher with one child with fragile X. The programme has been developed in consultation with Dr Marcia Braden, leading international authority on fragile X education and behaviour.

The workshop is targeted at 1 – 12 year old children and aims to:

  • Provide parents and teaching teams with the information required to care for and educate a fragile X child in New Zealand, including home and classroom examples of curriculum adaptation and resource ideas
  • Share information and ideas between teaching teams
  • Build positive working relationships within the team that supports a fragile X child

Information is presented on the following topics:

  • The basics of fragile x syndrome
  • Sensory integration and self regulation
  • Using visual strategies
  • Cognition and curriculum adaptation
  • Communication and social strategies
  • Behaviour management

The programme was introduced in workshops in Wellington and Auckland in March 2007 and has subsequently been presented to parents, teachers, specialists and support staff at schools in Auckland, Thames, Taupo, Gisborne, Masterton, Levin, Lower Hutt, Christchurch, Dunedin and Milton. Feedback on the programme has been overwhelmingly positive.

The programme seminars and accompanying resources can be downloaded here:

Unit 1: Introduction to Fragile X
Unit 2: Cognition and curriculum adaptation
Unit 3: Communication and socialisation

Resource files are on their way.

If you are interested in learning more about the programme or would like to arrange a presentation at your school, please contact Andrea.

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